WidEnergy Africa LTD

At a Glance

WiD Energy Africa Ltd is a woman-led Zambian business dedicated to providing and distributing last-mile clean energy solutions in Africa. The company leverages a PAYGO model and are the official distributors of Little Sun solar products in Zambia (solar lamps, solar phone chargers) and are also partnered with d.light to provide solar home systems. The company plans to expand further into distributing clean energy cookstoves, providing renewably-powered alternatives for the most necessary domestic appliances with the objective of contributing to the reduction of deforestation in Zambia, which is among the highest in Africa.


WiD Energy’s goal is to make African women the champions of clean energy consumption and distribution and active agents for climate change.


WiD Energy believes in a world where every African woman and girl have access to clean, affordable, and sustainable energy for lighting and cooking, and can take advantage of energy access to live better, with positive impacts on health, education, and household income.



  • Lliane Ndananeze


  • Raoul Ngendahayo


  • Anne Kaluba


  • Prosper Bizimungu

    Vice Chairman Business Development and Partnership

  • Mutinta Mwiinga

    Monitoring and Evaluation Officer