Yusudi LTD

At a Glance

Yusudi was founded with the vision to enable holistic, creative learning programs, unique to every individual. Yusudi believes that the fast-changing pace of work in the 21st century creates a need to shift and combine skill sets for professional growth. This need can be addressed with a new type of purposefully designed learning programs that caters to learners beyond a formal education to help them grow into or shift their careers.

Skills2Grow: Learning how to use your unique talents for professional development through an interactive, 6-month, full-time practical program designed to develop your career and business skills, and support your success on a chosen path.

Jijali: An adaptive, individual-focused, highly practical, and empowering learning programs that help learners grow and improve their skills and knowledge whether for business, career, or personal growth purposes.

To date, Yusudi has impacted more than 2,500 youth in Kenya, taken more than 5000 learners through its’ Skills2Grow program with 87% of participants getting a job on graduation. Since 2018, Yusudi has been developing its Jijali Platform, which offers online training and virtual mentorship and practical application from any internet connected device. The team plans to implement artificial intelligence in its on-boarding process to better match customer skill levels with learning tracks. The platform is being actively piloted in Kenya at the moment with 500 users expected to complete the program by year’s end.



  • Charlotte De Ridder

    Co-founder & Managing Director

  • Nastia Gutsol

    Co-founder & Program Director