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We invest in African start-ups and SMEs that have the ability to scale up and be sustainable as well as create positive impact in the communities in which they operate. We consider applications for funding from businesses which fulfil our investment criteria as below

Geography: We support African start-ups and SMEs, as well as, international companies doing business in Africa. We evaluate each investment opportunity individually, applying proprietary risk assessment tools and careful due diligence to assure a good fit within our portfolio. We are primarily focused on Sub-Saharan Africa and are currently invested in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda, Benin, and Kenya

Sectors of focus: With a strong focus on impactful local solutions, we broadly invest into agriculture, digitalization, and sustainable resources.

Business Profile: We support start-ups and SMEs with the following profiles

  • Proof-of-concept/first revenues
  • Management team with sector experience
  • Impact focused
  • Scalable business model

GreenTec considers start-ups and SMEs doing business related to our focus areas outlined above.

Investment Size: Our investments are structured as a package of services to investees to assist them with achieving mutually-agreed business goals and funding goals.


Duration of Support: We approach investments with a mid-term perspective (3-5 years) that allows innovative concepts to develop their business fundamentals and demonstrate investment readiness.

Entrepreneur Profile: We seek to empower visionary entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business and expand their positive impacts. Entrepreneurs should be committed full-time and have prior business or entrepreneurial experience. We seek entrepreneurs who are willing to work with us as value-adding partners and share management information regularly.

Results4Equity Investments: GreenTec Capital Partners provides support through individually tailored packages designed to help the company achieve mutually-agreed and pre-defined business goals (KPI’s) based around company development and financing. At the successful completion of those goals, GreenTec Capital Partners will be awarded a pre-agreed share percentage of the investee’s company. We believe this presents a cash-friendly and low-risk proposition for start-ups, that aligns our interests in the long-term success and growth of the company.

Social Impact: GreenTec maintains a portfolio of at least 75% impact-oriented investments and thus has a strong preference for companies explicitly impact focused and contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Capacity Building: GreenTec’s support includes Capacity Building for all of our start-ups and SMEs. A GreenTec Company Builder will work closely with your team and integrate his skills to your company’s development. We will work to improve your business model and company operations to achieve scalable growth and investment readiness. Due to the close collaboration between teams, it will be important for start-up teams to be receptive to receiving advice and implementing recommendations.


How does GreenTec invest?

GreenTec will apply its time and resources to helping your company achieve your mutually-agreed business goals including funding support. We will work closely with your team to understand and improve your business case, while working with your team to help them improve their operations and your company’s investment posture. We will also work to provide your company with network and technological partnerships as appropriate and assist with acquiring public-sector support such as grants as well as equity investments

What does “Results4Equity” mean?

GreenTec’s support contracts are structured under our “Results4Equity” model. GreenTec Capital is awarded equity its partner companies only in the case of achieving our mutually-agreed business goals. This means that we only benefit when our portfolio companies benefit and aligns our interests over the long-term.

What is “Impact Investing”?

Impact Investing” refers to investments made to achieve both positive social and environmental impacts alongside a financial return.

What sectors do you invest in?

We focus on agriculture, digitalization, and sustainable resources, with a strong preference for impactful and technology driven solutions.

What countries do you invest in?

We are currently investing in Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Benin, and Kenya. We apply a proprietary risk tool to evaluate investments which factors in international public domain information such as ease of doing business and political transparency data.

What do you mean by “Proof of Concept”

By “Proof of Concept,” we mean a developed business solution taking or ready to take revenues.

What is „Capacity Building“?

By “Capacity Building”, we refer to the process of improving a company’s operations and business fundamentals. One of our Company Builders will work closely with your team to understand your business and improve its operations and business model jointly.

What do your services cost?

GreenTec does not take payment for its services directly and is only awarded equity in its partner’s stock when a mutually agreed-KPI is achieved. GreenTec will receive small fees on grant or investment funding raised.

How much will GreenTec give to my Company?

We typically do not make direct cash investments, but provide fund raising support as KPI in our support services. GreenTec supports its partner companies with funding support as appropriate to the partner company’s needs.

My business is not in Africa, should I apply for support?

You should apply for support if your business is based in Africa or does business in Africa.

  • Religious, faith based initiatives, or not-for-profit organizations
  • Political lobbying organizations
  • Profiting from exploitation of slaves, children, women, or disadvantaged populations
  • Engaging in corrupt practices
  • Gambling
  • Weapons and ammunition

Is your company registered in Africa or doing business in Africa?

We regret we cannot process your application whilst you are out of Africa.

Does your business engage in any business listed on the exclusion list?

We regret we cannot process your application whilst your business is engaged in any activities listed on the exclusion list.

Has your business or solution achieved proof-of-concept?

We regret, we cannot process your application while your business or solution hasn't achieved proof-of-concept

Does your business generate revenues?

We regret, we cannot process your application while your business doesn't generate revenues

Are you interested in receiving support through GreenTec's "Results4Equity" model?

We regret we cannot process your application if you are not interested in receiving support through Greentec's 'Results4Equity' model.

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