Peter Grouev

Head of Risk Management
Finance, Risk Management, Capital Markets

Peter is our Head of Investment Strategy and Risk Management. He is a specialist for investment strategy, risk management and valuation, as well as debt finance and capital markets.

After a 12 year career across varied investment banks in the USA, Peter has recently departed the banking sector in pursuit of  entrepreneurial opportunities more closely aligned with his passion for renewable energy and sustainability investing.

Peter held a wide range of roles within debt capital markets, including portfolio strategy, fixed-income research, credit analysis and risk management, as well as mortgage structuring, trading and portfolio management. His most recent role was a Director of mortgage trading at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in New York, USA.

He speaks English and Bulgarian fluently, while having some command of Russian and German as well. Peter has an MBA from Mannheim Business School (Germany)/ ESSEC Business School (France), as well as a B.Sc. in Finance and Economics from Carroll University, USA. Additionally, he is a certified expert in climate and renewable energy finance.